Murari Raj Upreti

Dr. Murari Raj Upreti

Chairman, Anesthesiology

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Dibya Singh Shah

Prof. Dr. Dibya Singh Shah

Consultant, Nephrology

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Javed Ahmed Khan

Prof. Dr. Javed Ahmed Khan

Consultant - Orthopedics, Trauma and Spine Surgery

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Bikash Shrestha

Dr. Bikash Shrestha

Consultant, MDGP

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Subhash Prasad Acharya

Dr. Subhash Prasad Acharya

Consultant Intensivist and Clinical Coordinator

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Ongden Yonjen Tamang

Dr. Ongden Yonjen Tamang

Consultant  Radiologist

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Binaya Kumar Regmi

Dr. Binaya Kumar Regmi

Consultant, Physician and Rheumatologist

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Rajesh Singh

Physio Rajesh Singh

Coordinator, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

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Hem Raj Paneru

Dr. Hem Raj Paneru

Consultant Intensivist

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Jenu Suwal Dongol

Dr. Jenu Suwal Dongol


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Prakash Sayami

Dr. Prakash Sayami

Consultant- Chest, Breast &Thyroid Surgery

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Rabi Malla

Prof. Dr. Rabi Malla

Senior Consultant / Professor of Cardiology

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Pratik Pokharel

Physio Pratik Pokharel

Incharge, Cardio Respiratory/ ICU Physical Therapy

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Bishwa Raj Dawadi

Dr. Bishwa Raj Dawadi

Consultant Family Physician

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Bishnu Pahari

Dr. Bishnu Pahari

Consultant, Nephrology

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Sanjay Raj Thapa

Dr. Sanjay Raj Thapa

Consultant Paediatrician  Paediatric asthma and allergist

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