Neonatal Critical Care

A baby of age less than a month is a neonate. Neonates are delicate and their health is our major concern. A critical care unit (NICU) dedicated to the neonates has a very strong team of neonatologists who have fought with the adverse health situations of neonates of very low weight or born before dates. With the determination to give the best results, the team has established the department as the safest treatment facility for the neonates born early or with lower birth weights.

Anju Dangol

Dr. Anju Dangol

Consultant, Pediatrics

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Ramita Shrestha

Dr. Ramita Shrestha

Associate Consultant Pediatrics

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Neema Shrestha

Dr. Neema Shrestha

Junior Consultant

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Maintaining highest quality standards in international patient care and services is one of our prime focuses. We would like to thank His Excellency Francois-Xavier Leger, Ambassador of France to Nepal for his kind words.
12 August 2021

स्पाइन सर्जरीपछि सामान्य जीवन मा फर्कदै गरेका स्याङ्जा निवासी प्रसाद थापालाई हामिले आज भेट्यौं ।ग्राण्डी अस्पतालमा उपचारका क्रमममा उहाँले गर्नुभएको अनुभव हामीले जस्ताको तस्तै यहाँहरुमाझ प्रस्तुत गरेका छौं।
27 April 2021