Department of Neuro Sciences


Neurosurgery is a super specialty that takes care of surgical conditions of brain and spine. With a highly specialized team of surgeons and nurses working in an advanced operation theater, we have served hundreds of patients who needed complicated neurosurgery.


The brain and the nerves play a vital role in a patient’s well-being. Diseases of these organs need meticulous workup and treatment. At our department of Neurology, the patients are completely evaluated, diagnosed, discussed and treatment is started with close follow up. With the EEG machine in the department, it’s easy for patient who need this investigation.


Raju Poudel

Dr. Raju Poudel

Consultant, Neurologist

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Vivek Kumar Rauniyar

Dr. Vivek Kumar Rauniyar

Junior Consultant, Neurology

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Amit Thapa

Prof. Dr. Amit Thapa

Consultant, Neurosurgeon

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Nawli Manandhar

Dr. Nawli Manandhar


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Rupendra Bahadur Adhikari

Dr. Rupendra Bahadur Adhikari

Junior Consultant, Neurosurgeon

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Gopal Sedain

Dr. Gopal Sedain

Consultant, Neurosurgeon

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12 January 2020

Dr Subash Phuyal treated patient with Endovascular coiling for ruptured Aneurysm
07 January 2020