Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy as it’s called in common terms, is a specialization where professionals help patients of various orthopedic and neurologic problems gain their functionality back. They are dedicated team of experts with a well setup department, who have been loved by many national level atheletes as well.

Rajesh Singh

Physio Rajesh Singh

Coordinator, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

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Pratik Pokharel

Physio Pratik Pokharel

Incharge, Cardio Respiratory/ ICU Physical Therapy

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Nima Sherpa

Physio Nima Sherpa

Incharge, Neuro Physical Therapist

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Nijan Bajracharya

Physio Nijan Bajracharya

Neuro Physical Therapist

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Amrita Shrestha

Physio Amrita Shrestha


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Mohan Bista

Physio Mohan Bista

Asst. Physical Therapist

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15 January 2021

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15 January 2021