Amit Khanal

Dr. Amit Khanal

HOD, Consultant, Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon

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Prashant Prasad Rijal

Dr. Prashant Prasad Rijal

Consultant, Pediatric Pulmonologist

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Shovana Thapa

Dr. Shovana Thapa

Consultant Pathologist

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Ashish Lal Shrestha

Dr. Ashish Lal Shrestha

Consultant (M.Ch.Pediatric Surgery) Pediatric and Neonatal Surgeon Pediatric Laparoscopist and Urologist Pediatric Thoracic and Oncosurgeon

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Bhoj Raj Luitel

Dr. Bhoj Raj Luitel

Consultant, Urologist and Kidney Transplant Surgeon

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Geha Raj Dahal

Dr. Geha Raj Dahal

Consultant, Pediatric Surgery

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Gaurav Kattel

Dr. Gaurav Kattel

Consultant Pathologist

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Pankaj B.N.

Dr. Pankaj B.N.

Consultant Pathologist

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Sameer Thapa

Dr. Sameer Thapa

Consultant, Emergency Medicine

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Ashish Bahadur Malla

Dr. Ashish Bahadur Malla


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Anju Dangol

Dr. Anju Dangol

Consultant, Pediatrics

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Mohan Kumar Prasai

Dr. Mohan Kumar Prasai

Senior Consultant Chest Physician

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Naresh Maharjan

Dr. Naresh Maharjan

Consultant Cardiologist

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Nima Sherpa

Physio Nima Sherpa

Incharge, Neuro Physical Therapist

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Anurag Misra

Dr. Anurag Misra

Consultant, Department of Neuro-Psychaitry

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Rachana Sharma Basnet

Dr. Rachana Sharma Basnet

Consultant, Neuro Psychiatry

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