Our hospital aims to meet the standards of NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers) for Patient Safety and Standards.  

The main hospital building is 15 stories high with a separate lobby block and administrative block, 6th and 7th story respectively, sprawling over an area of 298,99 sq. ft. (32 ropanis). The hospital has a 200-bed capacity with lush green surroundings. For the convenience of the patients and staff, the hospital has 9 elevators and 5 staircases.

Our building is earthquake resistant up to 8 Richter scale. Equipped with a Central Sterile Supplies Department with the latest technology of sterilization. The system helps minimize hospital infection by providing supplies of sterile instruments, linen packs, dressings, and other sterile items used in patient care.

The water we use is treated under a reverse osmosis purification system. We also have a complete waste management and disposal system. The windows are double glazed for heat and sound insulation. We have an industrial size laundry and also a 7 spices-restaurant that is capable of catering the entire hospital.

Grande International Hospital is specially designed for wheelchair accessibility, so navigation is easy and nothing is out of reach for our wheelchair bound guests; a firefighting system which includes a central sprinkler system, fire resistant doors to hold fire detection monitoring system where a fire has ignited.