Nephrology and Transplant Medicine

Grande Department of Nephrology and Renal Transplant Medicine offers a comprehensive state of the art health care to the patients across the range of kidney diseases including dialysis, transplant, plasmapheresis, immunoadsorption, renal histopathology and immmuno-histochemistry and stands as a pioneer corporate hospital in the country providing hemodialysis service even for the government supported free dialysis program to the patients. Grande nephrology department is the first private institute to start renal transplant service. Till date Grande has completed more than 120 successful renal transplant including ABO incompatible, seropostive(HIV,HBV & HCV positive patients) and the sensitized recipients cases. Recently Grande has optimized its hemodialysis service allocating a dedicated hemodialyis machine in ICU for patients needing multi disciplinary care. On top of it, Grande hospital is the only institute in the country providing the renal histo-pathology including immune-histo-chemistry service which has not only enhanced the patient care and timely treatment in severe kidney diseases like RPGN and transplant rejection but also economical and convenient to the patient by getting the reports easily.
Our team of experienced nephrologists along with well trained nursing staffs, transplant coordinators, well equipped hemodialysi unit & OR, transplant ward and transplant surgeons provides services to all classes of patients across the country.

Services offered:
– Outpatient and Inpatient Services
– Kidney Transplantation Services
– Hemodialysis Services (Emergency Hemodialysis, ICU Dialysis, Maintenance Hemodialysis)
– CAPD and CAPD Catheter Implantation
– Temporary and Permanent Hemodialysis Catheter Insertion
– Renal Biopsy
– Plasmapheresis
– Immunoadsorption Therapy
– AV Fistula Creation