National Board of Medical Specialties

Dr Ram Krishna Dahal

Academic Co-ordinator
MS Orthopedics
Fellowship in Spine Reconstructive Surgery

Clinical Fellowship Programs

  • Fellowship in Spinal Reconstructive Surgery
  • Fellowship in Emergency Medicine
  • Fellowship in Sports Medicine, Arthroscopy and Arthroplasty
  • Fellowship in Minimal Invasive and Hepatopancreatic biliary Surgery
  • Fellowship in Neurology

Critical Care Nurse Training Program (CCNTP)

In the healthcare system, the Nurses have a pivotal role in the delivery of Quality Healthcare. The enhancement of the Nursing Profession can be best achieved by education. With accelerating scientific, technical and social changes, the Nurses are challenged to be more accountable. Therefore, the Nurses have to respond to the changing times and new demands by taking added responsibilities and expanded roles.

The Critical Care Nurse Training Program (CCNTP) is being organized in Grande International Hospital in collaboration with the Critical Care Nurses Association of Nepal (CCNAN).The CCNTP is based totally on the curriculum of CCNTP that has been given by CCNAN as this is a CCNAN endorsed program.


The goal of Critical Care Nurse Training Program (CCNTP) is to train a Nurse specialist in the field of Critical Care Nursing who has got relevant knowledge and skills.

This program will help to fill the gap of knowledge and skills among the Nurses in ICU and increase the quality of care in ICU.