पोषण र आहार

Department of Nutrition and Dietetics
A healthy balanced diet is that which meets nutritional requirement that ensures normal growth, development and ageing, helps to sustain a healthy body weight, and minimizes the risk of chronic disease leading to better outcome and thus is crucial for everyone throughout life. Clinical dietitians are health care professionals who are qualified to improve people’s health and nutritional status by providing adequate, smart and healthy food choices.

General scope
The department of Nutrition and Dietetics forms an integral part of the patient care services of GIH. The Department strives to improve human health and lifestyle through proven dietary interventions, ideas, plans, Nutrition care process and the dissemination of nutrition information through means of effective Nutrition education and counseling. The protocol or method used is SOAP method (Subjective, objective, Assessment and plan).
Personalized diet plans are made incorporating the nutritional requirements, medical condition, allergies and intolerances of the individual. The socio-cultural factors, economic, religious factors , access , availability, dietary habits as well as dislikes and preferences are also taken in consideration.

Our Service Areas
Clinical Nutritionists and Dietitians are well proficient and experienced in providing effective diet chart , education and counseling in following areas.
– Diabetes mellitus (Pre- diabetes, Hyperglycemia, Gestational diabetes, Secondary diabetes etc.)
– Malnutrition (Overweight , Obesity , Underweight )
– Renal diseases(CKD, Dialysis, AKI, Stone etc.)
– Gastro-intestinal diseases
– Neurological diseases
– Cardiac diseases
– Pediatrics
– Geriatrics
– Pregnancy and Lactation
– Food related allergies and intolerances
– Pre and post operative conditions
– Critical care Nutrition and so on

Apart from this, holistic approach with additional tips and ideas on lifestyle, behavior etc. are also suggested to reach better outcome rapidly while considering the practicality of its adherence.