ट्रान्सफ्युजन मेडिसिन र ब्लड बैंक

Blood Transfusion Service is a very important part of the contemporary healthcare system, without which proficient medical care is impracticable.

Grande International Hospital with its technical strength and excellent ranking in health and allied specialties, intend to strengthen the safe blood services by contributing towards lowering hemorrhage mortality and reducing the risk of transfusion transmitted infectious diseases in Nepal.
Grande International Hospital, Department of Transfusion Medicine is self-sufficient at meeting the blood requirements for all in-house patients, and also provides blood and blood components to other hospitals nearby and to other hospital all over Nepal when required. GIH blood Bank support different components and test for Liver transplant, ABO mismatch renal transplant, Bone marrow Transplant all over Nepal.
GIH blood bank is the only blood center in whole Nepal where Transfusion Medicine/ Blood Bank specialist is available so it is taking responsibility for advocating the betterment of Transfusion service in Nepal. Grande International Hospital has taken the initiative towards the provision of safe blood products, Safe Blood Transfusion Services have been initiated with the strong pillars of voluntary blood donation, training of human resource, developing service delivery in blood banking and well equipped laboratory with continuous education and training in transfusion sciences.
GIH blood Bank is the referral center for blood banking problems where complicated cases on Blood Groping, cross matching, antibody screening and identification, antibody titration, DAT, ICT are handled efficiently.