आपतकालीन सेवाहरू

GIH has a state-of-the-art 15 bedded Emergency with a resuscitation room and a stand-by trauma team. This is run 24×7 by a team of consultants, Medical officers, trained nurses and paramedics. The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) promptly dispatches well equipped ambulances staffed by well trained paramedics. The staff are certified on regular basis following up-to-date evidence-based protocols. A specialist doctor is also involved in pre-hospital care in transferring critically ill patients. The goal of EMS is not only to safely transfer patients to the definite care at the nearest hospital as quickly as possible, but also to assess patients and commence essential and potentially life-saving treatment at the scene and during transfer.

द्रुत उद्धार

Helicopter emergency medical service conducts the medical evacuation from any part of Nepal and abroad. The team includes a consultant doctor trained in Emergency and paramedics/nurse with all needful equipment. Both air ambulance and Road Ambulance services are available in GIH. Fore more information call 015159077 or 9801202552

कल्याण केन्द्र

The Wellness Center at Grande International Hospital offers a one-stop solution to health-screening needs & early identification & management of diseases. A team of Family Physicians do the initial workup and evaluation. Here you will find a wide variety of health screening packages that have been carefully designed.
The staff at Wellness will brief you regarding the various Health Packages. For further details and appointment contact 9801202530

Some of these Packages are:

  • Basic Wellness Check Up
  • Standard Wellness Check Up
  • Comprehensive Wellness Check Up
  • Advance Wellness Check Up
  • Woman Wellness Check Up
  • Diabetes Check Up
  • Cardiac Care Check Up
  • Obesity Check Up
  • Senior Wellness Check Up
  • Executive Wellness Check Up
  • Basic Kidney Health Check Up
  • Child Health Check Up