Grande International Hospital wards and rooms are designed in such a way that it meets its all basic requirement for every patient admitted in the hospital.

General Room

 Some of the options available for general beds in hospital; 

  • 3 Bedded
  • 4 Bedded
  • 5 Bedded
  • 6 Bedded
  • 8 Bedded


Single Cabin

Private Cabin

Single Cabin

Private Cabin

Grande International Hospital’s single room is designed to meet all the basic requirements for a single patient with accommodation for one attendant.

Deluxe Room

  • A comfortable Sofa for attendants.
  • Television
  • Pantry

Suite Room

Suit Room is equipped with;

  • Television
  • Fridge
  • Pantry
  • Microwave

Twin Sharing Room

Twin sharing room  beds are partitioned with a curtain to maintain patient privacy.

  • The twin room is equipped with a cupboard, television, telephone and basic amenities for each patient. 
  • A comfortable Sofa cum Bed for visitor/ attendant.

Pediatric Ward