Thank You Grande Team !

My wife and I are both 66 years old and came to Nepal to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary from our home in Hawaii, USA. Besides the magnificent scenery, amazing temples, lovely culture, we are also enriched to experience the hospitality of the Nepali people. There is a peaceful harmony within the expression "Namaste" which is from the heart and uplifts our spirit every time we say it as well.

Our trip was going very well for over a month until I had a very painful incident in Pokhara after our excursion into the Mustang area. I found myself in the toilet unable to urinate and in severe pain while trying to do so. My wife rushed me to the hospital ER room where I found relief from the use of a catheter. After an examination I learned that I had an enlarged prostate and a large bladder stone which together were blocking my urine flow.  Surgery was recommended.

One of our friends, Professor Baburam Timsina recommended that I come to Grande International Hospital and consult with Professor and Urologist Dr. Prem Raj Gyawali . My fears and confusion soon were gone after Dr. Gyawali explained the surgeries required and how not to have any worries. Besides my satisfaction with the doctor, I also found comfort by the impressive level of services, care and facilities at Grande International Hospital. All the staff has been very polite and completely dedicated to providing total care of my needs. Coming from Hawaii in the USA, I must say that the hospital here is much nicer on every level including the service from the heart which again is true Namaste.

The surgeries themselves went well and as Dr. Gyawali told me beforehand, I was quite conscious and aware as the operating room screen showed me exactly what was going on every step of the way. I am now recuperating several more days in the hospital and find my spirits uplifted by the continuing care the nurses and doctors are showing here as well. My wife is also staying in the room with me and is likewise happily impressed.

Grande International Hospital is a lovely example of the harmony as well as the geniune healing of Nepal. I will gladly recommend this hospital to anyone interested in the highest quality care.

George and Stephanie Douvris

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