Grande International Hospital is Really Good !

Hi, I am Michael Clark from St Helens, England & this is my first time in Nepal. 


My wife and I have travelled here for our first wedding anniversary and spent 1 night in Kathmandu before flying to Pokhara where we trekked to Poon Hill before trying paragliding for the first time. Unfortunately my tandem paraglider crashed and I sustained back injuries, initially diagnosed as a broken vertebrae but following a helicopter transfer to Grande Hospital, I received an MRI and CT scan to confirm that I had 3 breaks. 


I was reassured by a number of doctors and a spinal surgeon that a full recovery would be possible and I was measured that afternoon for a custom brace. 

This arrived the next morning with a visit from the doctors who have been to check on my condition twice daily and following this, I have also attended physiotherapy twice daily. 


We have been provided with an international liaison who, along with the doctors, nurses, physiotherapist and cleaning staff, have all been attentive and able to help with any of our needs. 

We have been impressed with the level of care and attention provided by all staff as well as the cleanliness of the hospital. We have also been offered help to support us in getting home as quickly as possible. The medical staffs have responded quickly to our requests for letters and documentation needed.


Overall, we are very pleased with the level of care and attention at Grande Hospital. We feel confident to travel home and continue care there.


We would like to thank everybody who has played a part in looking after us during our stay!




Michael and Emily Clark.


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