Grande’s ‘Health for All’ project

Mar 28, 2015-Grande International Hospital announced a fund of Rs 2.5 million for impoverished people seeking cardiac attention at the hospital on Saturday as part of their ‘Health for All’ programme.

Upendra Mahato, former president of Non Residential Nepalese Association, announced the fund amidst an inauguration ceremony of Continuing Medical Education (CME), “Mission to Save Heart”.

“Grande International Hospital will continue its mission for quality health care at an affordable cost,” said Mahato. He also encouraged everyone to put service and philanthropy before profit motives.

The “Mission to Save Heart” is a training programme aimed to upgrade skills in cardiac care to doctors and other health professionals. A statement released by Grande read that the programme aimed at enabling the participating health care providers, regardless of their field of expertise, level of experience and availability of resources, to provide best possible care in cardiac emergencies, most notably Myocardial Infarction (MI) or heart attack as it is commonly known.

Dr Om Murti Anil, director of the division of interventional cardiology at the Grande Hospital, said this initiative aims to enhance the capacity of doctors to deal with cardiac diseases. He added that the availability of simple equipment such as ECG would help detect the problem of heart attack while streptokinase medicine could save lives of people if administered within three hours after the attack. Dr Anil said an estimated 20,000 people die of heart disease.

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स्पाइन सर्जरीपछि सामान्य जीवन मा फर्कदै गरेका स्याङ्जा निवासी प्रसाद थापालाई हामिले आज भेट्यौं ।ग्राण्डी अस्पतालमा उपचारका क्रमममा उहाँले गर्नुभएको अनुभव हामीले जस्ताको तस्तै यहाँहरुमाझ प्रस्तुत गरेका छौं।
27 April 2021

ल्याप्रोस्कोपी सर्जरी भनेको के हो ? पेट चिरेर गर्ने शल्यक्रियाभन्दा ल्याप्रोस्कोपी विधि कसरी सजिलो र भरपर्दो हो ?
22 April 2021