नियानेटल तथा पेडियाट्रिक सर्जरी

Children are not mini adults. They have anatomically, physiologically and psychosocially differences. So, surgery for adults and surgery for children is different, thus a different set of specialists take care of these patients.

This department deals with emergency and elective surgical diseases of newborns to 18 years of age. We also deal with prenatal counseling about fetal surgical issues for better post natal care and further management. Neonatal surgical problems are birth defects and anomalies. Pediatric surgical diseases are general and common pediatric surgery, pediatric urology, pediatric surgical oncology and pediatric Burns.

From simple surgeries to complicated neonatal and pediatric surgeries, our Pediatric surgeons have proven themselves with careful and precise surgeries that have given the best possible outcomes to the child and their family.

Prof. Dr. R. P. Chaudhary is available at GIH from Sun - Fri from 9 AM to 2 PM

Dr. Ashish Lal Shrestha is available at GIH from Sun - Fri from 9 AM to 5 PM

Dr Geh Raj Dahal is available at GIH by appointment


  • 24X7  Neontal and Pediatric Surgical Emergency Services.
  • Neontal and Pediatric Surgical Diseases
  • Pediatric Surgical OPD Service (Sun - Fri )
  • Prenatal Counselling about congenital defects and anomalies.
  • Well managed NICU (14 bed).
  • Well managed PICU (6 bed) including one Isolation bed.
  • Units are well managed with the team of best doctor’s and latest technology.

R.P. Chaudhary

Prof. Dr. R.P. Chaudhary

Professor of Pediatric Surgery and  Consultant Pediatric Surgeon /Urologist

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Ashish Lal Shrestha

Dr. Ashish Lal Shrestha

Consultant (M.Ch.Pediatric Surgery) Pediatric and Neonatal Surgeon Pediatric Laparoscopist and Urologist Pediatric Thoracic and Oncosurgeon

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Geha Raj Dahal

Dr. Geha Raj Dahal

Consultant, Pediatric Surgery

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