Nursing department is the major and essential part of the GIH. This mobilizes all nurses and nursing service in the hospital.Nurses are the front-line force and they play a key role to achieve hospital motive and objectives with a culture of high-reliability, quality and safety service to patients and families in satisfying   environment.

Scope of Care

The Nursing Department provides care for a wide variety of in-patients (IPD), Operation theater (OT), Emergency (ER), Outpatients (OPD) and wellness as well as clients in the community through various camps & clinics.

Nursing care is provided for patients on a 24-hour basis 7 days a week.  

Mission and philosophy

The Department of Nursing is committed to the hospital motive “Care to Cure” as well as values to a “Patient First” philosophy for delivering quality healthcare in the safest environment.


The objective of nursing department is to provide safe and quality nursing service maintaining the standard nursing practice and nurse patient ratio as per international standard.

 Value Statements

  • Patient Satisfaction: We consistently strive to exceed expectations from our patients, physicians, and colleagues.
  • Respect & Privacy: We respect the patient as an individual irrespective of age, sex, race and religion with the right to privacy and confidentiality. We respect, appreciate, and acknowledge each individual’s contribution to the work environment.
  • Accountability: We are accountable for our actions and accept responsibility as individuals, as members of a team, and as professional nurses.
  • Diversity: We recognize the diversity of our patients and our staff and are committed to deliver compassionate, culturally sensitive and holistic care.
  • Research and Education: We promote and enhance the research and educational activities for nursing quality improvement.